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much -- though i don't remember pebbles, i remember her involvement in getting these girls signed and also pebbles winning not just in her career with these women but a career dominated by men. i'll give that to her. pebbles is groundbreaking. do you remember, she sung one son, do you want to ride in my mercedes. she married but didn't lie around. she hustled. the only thing i have ever heard about you regarding your business dealings is that you stole from these girls, so i'm saying why are you now wanting to come ow and have them, i guess, edit and stop the movie. the movie has already played. your legacy is out there. by the way, when the girls were on our show, we called your office to have you come on the day after. we were going to send the jet for you and everything. but we wanted you to come here, come the very next day before the movie play and while the things are fresh on everybody's minds, but now the movie's played and now you have 30 seconds before nobody care as what you have to say. i'm just saying. i mean i'm just saying. i hope that this is coming out properly be
kanye did break the girls' code. you don't text somebody else's husband when you have no business to be texting. she will never understand that for the most part, all she will ever do is be gorgeous woman, but you will not see relationship success until you learn how a woman should act at 40 years old. she's very beautiful and she's even very well spoken, but after a while, that gets tired, especially when you get into your 40s. she's like the girl you do on the weekends, not the girl that you marr we've all been single, honey. an those of us know, we know who we are in terms of the placement and how men look at us. she's the weekend girl. she's not the keeper, unfortunately. and she's a little crazy. so, you know. and then fadre, you make great-looking babies. but fadre, please get off the show. just leave. i hate her story line, you know what i'm saying? i leave the room to brush my teeth and come back. and cynthia, i leave to take a shower and i come back. but even though she's as boring as i don't know what, and peter was so not supportive last night and it made me want to vom
. can i talk with the surgery he got for weight loss? what happened? gov, like, i don't notice a difference. i'm sorry. i don't notice a difference. maybe there is a difference, i don't know. he got lap band surgery and it was before the summer started. now i know people who have gotten lap band and gastric byass and the weight just drops, you know, and en they end up putting a little bit back on when they find their sweet spot. maybe he's eaten his way through the bands. i don't know. or maybe his intention is to do it slow and steady so in 2016 he'll run for president and he'll be, like, skinny, like de blasio or something. i don't know. but congratulations, governor. and, now, charlie sheen and brooke mueller's situion with their kids is spiraling out of control. charlie's ex, denise richards, who i call the patron saint of exes, allegedly no longer can care for brooke and charlie's twins. the boys are 4 1/2 years old, and denise allegedly is saying that the boys are violent towards their classmates, violent towards the teachers, and even violent towards nise's three daughte
conversation for other company. it isn't. you are very unlikable. and ladies of "the view", please don't stoop to thatlevel. your show comes on abc right after our show. right after our show is finished i want to run into the dressing room to see if they come out and make this the first rant that they do. there's that saying, when a dog howls at the moon, that's not the news. it's when the moon howls back that becomes the news. please don't howl. not even my tacky behind would howl. so, a lot of people are very upset with the security team and people who like justin bieber. well, someone posted a really creepy video of justin sleeping, and it's allegedly taken by a female fan in brazil. first of all, it doesn't look like he's on a bed. it looks like he's on a pull-out couch. i'm thinking with the bieber budget it would be better than a pull-out couch. i know you're wondering if that's really justin booieber. that's his tattoos. that's him. here's the thing. he invited like 30 people, girls, back to his hotel room to party. reportedly he made all the girls sign a confidentiality agreement. he a
up. don't kno stories like that are good business for me, so i'm glad she did. [ applause ] >> wendy: apparently mariah carey didn't have such a terrific time on "american "idol"." as a matter fact, she says she hated the entire experience. e says she only took the job because they dangled $18 million in front of her. she didn't include the part in my head about she wanted to outdo jennifer lopez, you know, like, you know. shea also says that she thought there would only be three judges on the show, and she said that going to work every day was like going to work in hell with satan. e didn't say nicki minaj's name, but i'm assuming that's what she means becaus remember, nicki was brought on as a fourth judge and ten all of their bickering. side note, i always said that -- it and i love "american "idol"" but i thought taking thatob as a judge was beneath mariah carey just like i think it's beneath her to he a perfume line. i think it's beneath her to have of a nail polish line. i think it's beath her to have cloing line. think it's beneath her to do anything but sing because, you kno
it. don't ask me why we're still deal with that on "dancing with the stars" on "real housewives of beverly hills." i found it comical that the ladies thought what i said all along. take a look at everything. >> i fainted on camera before and i fainted for real. some people just aren't cut out for fake faints. [ ughter ] >> she wakes up, don't people when tey wake up, don't they wake up startled? she woke up like and she was looking at him and then like at the camera. lisa wanted out from "dancing with the stars." she wanted out. i don't blame her. i'd be tired too and want to go home. [ laughter ] >> back when we saw that happen, i said nobody faints that pretty and being a "dancing with the stars" insider, there's some of us who we realize, gosh, we bit off more than we can chew, i want to get back to my regular life. can i stub a toe? can i faint? can i get a doctor's note saying i have sciatica, what? i understand what yo did and why you did it. [ applause ] allegedly. hey, the singer, adele, we haven't talked about her in a long time. i have a nice story to share. depending
're friends, a grown woman. >> i don't need you talking over me. >> i'm not talking over you. >> nene, listen, listen. let me tell you something. >> no, let me tell you something. as a grown woman, i make my decisions. any friend that i have will never tell me who i can and cannot talk to. >> i'm not saying that. i'm saying as a friend -- >> i'm not going to be thinking about whether she is going to be uncomfortable or not. [ applause ] >> wendy: there were a few things in that clip that i noticed, first of all, you never violate and touch somebody in their space, okay? that right there was a grown woman punch in the face about to happen. and i'm not even the violent type, but don't get in the personal space. i'm surprised nene didn't overreact to that which in my book she would have had a right to. the second thing that i noticed in that clip was that the:(7q fashion queen in the background? hey girl. i watch "the fashion queen." they premiered yesterday, also. plus they had a little mayratho. i saw them on the tv while i was getting dinner together. anyway, back to kenya and nene. so this a
those old-fashioned girls, the men don't like it because their men feel like, what is she learning from being with you all? she's learning to be independent. now all of a sudden she wants a divor divorce. uh-huh. todd says that if she and candy and hanging out with the other girls are the reason for thir divorce. well, probably. probably. but, you know what, if it wasn't you-all, it would be somebody. you can't keep an outstandingly gorgeous girl like porsha down for long before she understands. [ applause ] >> wendy: i mean -- i think we can probably all agree that she was way less than smahen w were first -- okay? when we were first introduced to her on tv and that's how kordell wanted her to stay. good for porsha for smartening up and breaking free and we'll see you next week when you get here. and then, you know, when it comes to candy's own relationship problems, ndys blaming someone else. me. i know! well, here is what she says. okay. he here's what candy says. last year when wendy which wiil was commenting on our show every week, she was like, i think todd's an opportunist. next
is a scientologist. going back to her friend leah remini. i don't picture her being anything but a good catholic girl from the bronx. i don't picture her getting involved with somebody who can hypnotize you and tell you what to do. then last night, the "real housewives of beverly hills" returned. [ applause ] and so far it looks like it's about to be lisa versus kyle. lisa is using the two new housewives, one in particular, joyce, to hit kyle where it hurts. in the hair. take a look. then we'll talk. >> beautiful hair. >> he's cute and for sure has better hair than kyle. >> kyle, you have hair competition. >> i know, right. >> chop mine off. >> i think you should do a commercial. >> really. >> lisa's little digs come with a smile. you think, oh, that was a joke. and then a little while later, you realize, okay, that was an insult. >> you know something, the new girl joyce's hair is gorgeous. so it is better hair than kyle's. i don't know. i like a wavy hair and it looks so healthy and dense. but the hair that i love out of all three of them is vander pump. i love that center part thing that she does.
>> right. >> no, i don't care. you know, there's this pissing match. did she take her torch? you know. and is she gonna out last her or not? and it's, to some people i'm a threat to the throne. i don't want your [ bleep ] throne. >> that was a read, madonna. that was my era. i like gaga but if i had to choose i like madonna better. in th particular fight i think that gaga won. [ applause ] and madonna stop arguing with these girls who are under you. not under because they are beneath you but under you because they came after you. originals never bite back. all right. let's move on. [ laughter ] so, the real housewife of atlanta star kena moore is weighing on porsha's messy dirce. kenya is actually defending kordell on the alleged gay mors. on the show porsha told her lawyer -- remember when she was in the lawyer's office after the violation of divorce and the lawyer asked her to make a list of things she need from kordell and porsha said if he does these things then i'll go back with him. so in my "hot topics" meeting what about the gay thing? there's plenty of women who are marr
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10

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